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IREL has been designing and manufacturing industrial remote control systems since 1995. At first, the systems were using infra-red path, then radio devices.

The result of more than ten years of experience and analysing the needs of the market was the introduction of a new series of remote control system R25 in 2006. Remote control transmitters (remote controls) offer a modern, ergonomic design, high reliability and resistance to shock, which makes them usable in difficult conditions. By adding technical features of the R25 systems, such as the relay programming function, time delays, analogue outputs (proportional) — voltage, current and PWM, we made it possible to use any devices that require remote control, such as gantry cranes, cranes, concrete pumps, mobile platforms, handling, repair trains and other.

Our offer includes four basic transmitter models characterised by various sizes of housings. This allows for choosing the most suitable transmitter. The housings are made of high-quality plastic which is resistant to impact and various chemical agents. Wall thickness ensures high mechanical resistance. Electronic components are cushioned inside the housings and protected against environmental influences with an appropriate paint.

We use only high-quality components of reliable and reputed companies. We have our own assembly line for SMD components which allows us to quickly respond to the needs of our Customers. All manufactured systems are thoroughly tested and soaked at the end of the production process. We provide solid advice and professional support to our devices' users.

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